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Kooj Island 5

That hissy fit I threw the other week about accidentally deleting all my Sims photos?  They were there all along, right under my nose. 


Really annoyed at myself tonight...

I had a few folders full of Sims stuff knocking around on my desktop (including lots of pictures for a little project I'm working on), so I decided to condense them all into one.  I moved everything around, deleted the empty folders, emptied my recycling bin and popped into the gaming partition for a while.  When I booted up the main partition again, I realised I'd deleted the wrong folders.  Curses!  All my pretties, lost!

I guess I could recreate things, but I don't wanna! 

Still, it could be worse - I did the same kind of thing at work the other week and lost a huge chunk of work I'd done on a really fiddly task.  I need some kind of 'Mae is an idiot' backup function, like stabiliser wheels.  Or I just need to learn to be less stupid.


Pleasantview bios

strange_tomato did one of these for Strangetown a while back, and I thought it was worth doing one for Pleasantview, even if I'm the only one who ever uses it.  And it's always interesting to see how we're supposed to feel about these characters...

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Just dropping in to explain my disappearance.  The hard drive appeared to be fine for a bit after we reformatted it, but the clicking started again in earnest and we had to send it off to be replaced.  The boyfriend has done something geeky to enable us to use the internet in the meantime, but there'll be no Simming for me for a while.

Also, y'know those times when your life comes crashing down around your ears?  This is one of those times.  And when that happens, I retreat into my shell and hide myself away from the world.  So, sorry :(

Still, I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that This is England '86 and Mad Men series four start really soon...


Please excuse Mae from PE this week...

Her computer's hard drive is knackered.

Not a huge deal really, as we can get a replacement, but it means I won't be online much until we get it.  So if I don't reply to your comments then please don't be offended.  I promise to get to them as soon as I can :)



I end up with a lot of pictures I can't use in my stories, and they just sit in a folder gathering dust.  Well, no more!

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Does 'favourite colour' count?

Ten facts about Jess Pole.

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Just visiting?

If you're dropping by because you're wondering why I added you out of nowhere as a friend, it's because I finally figured out how LJ works.  Previously, I bookmarked all the journals I like to read/gawp at, then I open them all in tabs to view them.  Given the number of cool Sims journals out there, this is the most ridiculous course of action ever.  So now I've just added all those journals to my friends list.

I felt weird about friending people before, like I was intruding or something.  But I realised, it's not like I'm inviting myself over, I'm just saying I like your journal.  So there :D